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The lush hills hide villages and castles that, from what is called for its landscapes, "Svizzera Pesciatina", stretch to the east to Montalbano.
Precisely on these hills the first human settlements developed which during the Middle Ages reached one of the moments of maximum splendor.
Today it is possible to read the traces of the "fortification" process through the fortifications still visible to defend the entire territory.

From the chestnut woods, passing through the landscape dotted with olive trees, you reach the valley. Here the precious waters of Montecatini Terme flow, still appreciated today in the thermal establishments with the elegant Art Nouveau architecture; and it is here that the steam escapes from the caves of Monsummano Terme and extends the natural reserve of the Padule di Fucecchio. In fact, millennia ago, part of this territory was covered by the waters of the sea that reached the foot of Montalbano and the Padule di Fucecchio is what remains today of that remote geological era.