Trail running is a major outdoor sport tendence, and the area offers many tracks and contests for this discipline: the biggest area for trail runners is Abetone, and the app Abetone Trail Park has a number of tracks to be downloaded, among the mountains over Pistoia.

There are also a couple of important competitions: the Dynamo Trail Run, around 20 August every year (20km and 10km), quite hard but with beautiful views, and one of the most famous Ultra Marathons in Europe, the Pistoia – Abetone run, 51km vertical which is held since 1976, where thousands of people participate and challenge themselves to the top of the mountain.  In Valdinievole Area there is a 17km trail running track in Borgo a Buggiano, also downlaoadable from our APP “Montecatini Outdoor”, while the majority of trekking trails can also be used for trail running, expecially ALTA VIA VALDINIEVOLE and the crossing paths.

Find out more on Trail-running, Eco-Marathon and Ultra Marathon on the events page.


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