There is quite a list of chances for sport fishing lovers in the area, both in the clear waters of our mountain rivers and in the marshland of Padule area, Valdinievole, being the biggest inland humid area in Italy
Within the waters of Lima and Sestaione rivers it is possible to find the Brown Trout, both in the free waters and in the regulated areas: the Brown Trout is a peculiar salmonid fish which has always been living in these waters, too.

Fly-fishing, spinning and Natural Bait Fishing are the techniques to be used in the mountain waters during the fishing season, from the last week of February to the first week of October.

There are good chances of fishing in the “Three Limentre” area (Pavana, Treppio and Lentula) and in the Pescia torrent (Pietrabuona, Valleriana – Pescia), and even in the Reno valley, reachable by Porrettana slow railway.
If you are more keen on other kind of fishes than trouts, there are carp, pike, black bass, tench, chub, catfish, and many others can be found in the Marshland of Fucecchio Padule, or in the final part of the torrent Pescia in Collodi and in Pescia (that is both the name of the village and of the river)

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Possible trout fishing spots:
Torrente Pescia
Svizzera Pesciatina “Valleriana”
Three limentre, on the LIMA area, Pistoia Mounatins