Paragliding is possible in Monsummano Terme, located in Monsummano Alto, from a peak over the old roman stone cave, the same cave where climbing is possible, organized by CAI.

This paragliding option is possible for those attending paragliding courses, or as a tandem flight, that is being tied with a professional paraglider.

The view is amazing over the old roman cave, plus the panorama wide open on this magical Land between Leonardo and Pinocchio is breathtaking: the flight is considered simple, considering all the possible landing spots, but the starting point only allows one paraglide at a time.

The winds must be west, north-west or south-west, and the flight is by dynamic ascensions more than thermic ascensions.

Find out more on the official website for ENDURO, DOWNHILL and FREERIDE options, including rental and insurance options (autumn / spring / summer only) and visit doganaccia2000 website to download the MTB and Downhill tracks.

To organize a tandem flight or a paragliding course please contact Mr Walter Bardi
+39 334 7779747