Orienteering is one of the big thrills of the year: not just exploring but challenging yourself with the discipline of orienteering. There is an official court for professional races of orienteering, and it’s the pinewood of Montecatini Terme “Pineta”: some regional and national orienteering races are being held throughout the year. Orienteering is also practiced on the Mountains, expecially in Doganaccia2000 park.

Professional Federation Mirco Mori is the reference for the Area.
Outdoor activities are the best for families with kids, for young people or for people seeking adrenaline or different experience: at the Doganaccia 2000 area there is an Adventure Park for three levels of people, built on the trees with bridges, climbing challenges and “Angel flying points”.

The levels are differenced by the height from ground: the Adventure trail includes the possibility to try the adrenalinic MONOTRACK-BOB: 800mt of descend for two, adrenaline and nature all around!

Another Adventure Park in the area is fully dedicated to kids, and it’s located within the Pinocchio Park in Collodi (Pescia): bridges, tracks, Angel flying for kids will make the Pinocchio experience even more fun!

Find out more on Adventure Park in Doganaccia on the official website.
Find out more on Pinocchio Adventure Park on the official website.

Orienteering is a sport discipline
For more info contact Mirco Mori mircomori@gmail.com, Official trainer from Federazione Italiana Sport Orienteering forTuscany and Appennine