Montecatini Terme & Valdinievole district is well famous around theworld for its thermal waters, that all rely on a complex former volcanic system, that has left visible traces of its transformations throughout the territory.

There are several caves in the area, only one still in use (the cave of Pietra Serena in Valleriana (Pescia)) , two of which have been transformed into sport experiences, and in some cases in touristic experiences.

GROTTA MAONA in Montecatini is a complex including a millenary cave with stalactitis and stalagmitis forming strange images, very unlikely with two different entrances and exits, such as no other one in Italy.
The Grotto is close to a former stone cave, which is now used from CAI – Speleo section to organize climbing training courses, or climbing open days for those who want to start the discipline. Some of the parts of the cave were used during 1st and 2nd world war to hide armies, and the holes are still visible with military instructions still written on them. But the most famous Grotto and Cave is in Monsummano Terme, in the Grotta Giusti Area: Grotta Giusti is a grotto recently (and quite luckily) discovered during some major house restoration works, and it is worldwide famous for its three level of temperature (Inferno, Limbo and Paradise) daily reached bu thousands of tourists and clients who want to experience the relaxing silence of the underground grotto.

It is the only place in the world where it’s possible to take the Padi for Grottos, and the experience of Cave diving is simply amazing: forget any sound or any light, breath and that will be the only noise you’ll hear.

Many yoga international schools retreat in the grotto to look for the absolute silence.
Close to the Grotta Giusti there is another area (former stone cave) where CAI – Speleo group also organizes climbings for experts or climbing school (not basics).

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