Montecatini Terme, the host city for ATWS2018 is located in Tuscany, centre of Italy, 30km from International Florence  and Pisa airports, within the county of Pistoia.

The County of Pistoia is organized in three districts: Montecatini Terme & Valdinievole, Pistoia and the Mountains over Pistoia. Montecatini Terme & Valdinievole is a peculiar land, known since centuries for its thermal waters, and now spotted as the “Magical Tuscany”, between  Leonardo and Pinocchio, for Vinci is the birthplace of Leonardo, the Genius of Humanity, and Collodi is the home of the most famous wooden puppet of the world, both being East and West fines of the districts.

Such ambassadors must be immediately listed, and all the district is fully tied to their worldwide images. Pistoia district includes the medieval city of Pistoia, former Italian Capital of Culture 2017, and home of some of the most important Romanesque building in Italy: a rare and secret jewel  for culture lovers, also house of the biggest nursery parks in Europe, whose plants are sold throughout the world since one century, so far.

The district of the Mountains over Pistoia is one of the most interesting for outdoor tourism, with a long list of winter or summer activities, easily accessible from both locals and tourists. Furthermore it is an Adventure travel destination, thanks to the summer extreme and non-extreme bike activities, such as downhill and endure parks, or listing the winter exciting alpine sky tracks, or mentioning one of the biggest ultramarathon in Europe, Pistoia – Abetone, a 51km vertical marathon which is fascinating thousands of people since 1970.

Tuscany “From Leonardo to Pinocchio” has an enviable location thanks to its central position between all the most famous Tuscan art cities. It’s only a few kilometres from Florence, Pisa and Lucca. Valdinievole stretches from the banks of the Arno to the lower foothills of the northern Apennines and has been inhabited since Neolithic times, as shown by the archaeological remains found in the territory. In medieval times, it was the site of an incessant struggle between the cities of Pistoia, Lucca and Florence, all who sought to control its privileged geographical position. Later it fell under Medici rule and with it, a period of great economic growth and development as the swampy areas were reclaimed, favouring foot traffic and trade.
The area can be seen on foot or by bicycle, taking in the beautiful views, breathing the scents of nature and enjoying the flavours of tradition.
Montecatini Terme, Valdinievole and the entire province of Pistoia will take part in an important event in 2017 as the year’s Italian Capital of Culture.